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Technical Assistance - Ordering Products - Payment Information

Due to the overwhelming customer demand for our cylinder head, custom camshaft, valvetrain products and porting services, the current workload dictates that all product information and quotes will be handled strictly through Email.

Telephone calls to the office are restricted to manufacturers and our valvetrain dealer orders only.

All technical information and quotes are handled strictly through direct Email contact. No phone calls accepted.

Every day we are deluged with dozens of Emails requesting quotes and product information so there may be a delay of a few days for a response. This time frame is always longer during the busy racing season as we complete existing customer orders. Multiple Emails requesting updates on shipping will only fill up the in-box and cause even longer delays in the response time.

Please be patient and understand, especially during the racing season, there is a reason for a potentially longer response time. When you provide only the best products and services, there is a huge demand for your stuff!

Though we make every possible attempt to get your orders out to you promptly, every interruption checking on the status of your order will certainly delay completion and just slow down any progress getting your order shipped to you on time!

Overnight and Saturday shipments are also available for those who need it "NOW" but with the extra charges UPS and FedEx adds on for these special services, you may want to plan ahead to avoid this extra fee!

FlowTech Standard Payment Policy

All catalog product orders are to be processed through the FlowTech E-store.

The E-store accepts most credit cards, certified bank check or postal money order.

No personal checks or PayPal accepted!

Custom intake manifold porting and other specialty labor charges are strictly via direct Venmo payment.

Payments for custom work and "Snail Mail" requests should be sent to:

FlowTech Induction
P.O. Box 1205
Coventry, Rhode Island 02816

It is recommended to send any mailed in payment with signature verification, just to be sure that the payment arrived.

Venmo is also available for payment of custom work, specialty cylinder heads, labor charges or other product purchases using the "friends and family" option with no fees. Email for instructions.