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AFR 195 SB Chevrolet Enforcer Cylinder Heads - 64cc Straight Plug

Air Flow Research

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AFR 195 SB Chevrolet "Enforcer" Cylinder Heads - (64cc Straight Plug)

Airflow Research is proud to announce the release of our NEW “Enforcer” series of “As-Cast” cylinder heads for the small block Chevrolet. Developed as a budget friendly performance cylinder head, these price conscience offerings come fully assembled and use the same high quality valvetrain components found in our higher end CNC ported cylinder heads. Standard equipment consists of ARP rockers studs, PAC Racing/AFR 8017 dual valve springs, Viton valve seals, hardened spring seats, ductile iron valve seats, adjustable guide plates and stainless steel valves.

Sold individually, these “Enforcer” series Chevrolet heads are made from a permanent mold casting that come with “As-Cast” surfaces on the intake runners, exhaust ports and combustion chambers. These cylinder heads are a perfect choice for anyone looking to upgrade to aluminum heads with modern port designs for their muscle car or street rod.

The all new small block Chevrolet 195cc “Enforcer” series cylinder heads feature light-weight 2.020" intake valves, 1.600" exhaust valves featuring 8mm stems and will come assembled with our AFR #8017 dual valve springs, which are compatible with mild hydraulic roller or "street" solid flat tappet camshafts. Upgrades are available.

Intake Port Dimensions: 2.080" H x 1.270" W x 5/16" Radius
Exhaust Port Dimensions: 1.380" H x 1.420" W x 5/16" Radius

These Airflow Research "Enforcer" series cylinder heads require a 3/8" stud mounted roller rocker arms and are good for up to .600" of lift and approximately 6,000 RPM when used with a mild hydraulic roller camshaft.


NOTE: Modern hydraulic roller camshaft profiles will typically experience valve float at 6000-6200 RPM with the standard AFR 8017 valve springs because of their fast ramp rates and higher valve lift. It is highly recommended to upgrade to the optional higher pressure dual valve springs to reduce chances of valve float associated with 6200 RPM or higher. We can also fit your heads with PAC Racing, Lunati or our own severe duty springs for an additional cost. High RPM applications should also use tool steel or titanium retainers and the ARP 7/16" rocker studs.

FlowTech Induction can provide a custom built cylinder head package without the high price!