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Custom Intake Gaskets - SB Ford XXL


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Custom "X-tra Thick" Intake Manifold Gasket - (SB Ford Full Race Port)

When building a serious small block Ford racing engine and the situation calls for a custom thickness intake manifold gasket for your extremely large runner cylinder heads, we have the finishing touch available. FlowTech Induction has worked with the engineers at Cometic to provide the answer to your port alignment issues when using a very large cross section intake manifold and port runner. Utilizing Cometic's proven synthetic Aramid fiber intake gasket material, we are able to provide racers with the most durable and perfectly fitted Ford intake gaskets available.

All these custom designed "X-tra Thick" intake gaskets are made from high-temperature, high-density, creep resistant and fuel resistant material that requires no retorquing. Cometic's latest design Aramid fiber intake gaskets contain no asbestos and does not require additional sealants. For street applications using a coolant, a touch of RTV at the water jackets is suggested.

Please note, these specialty intake gaskets are designed for proper port fitment and alignment to the current very large "race port" style cylinder heads such as CNC ported TFS High Port 240+, 250+ as well as large runner Twisted Wedge 206 R series and Brodix T1R racing heads. May also fit other race ported heads with similar intake port dimensions. Port configuration can be easily trimmed or sanded for a perfect fit to your particular cylinder heads and intake manifold. Nominal thicknesses are .188" and .125" for this particular gasket.


2.300" Height  (nominal)
1.430" Width  (nominal)
3/8" radius in corners

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