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FTI-Cam Retainer Plate SBF-CR2

FlowTech Induction

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FTI Custom Camshaft Retainer Plate - (SB Ford)

This is a custom machined, cast steel camshaft retainer plate was designed for use with the billet steel Rollmaster CS3071 or similar timing chain sets with a Torrington roller thrust bearing on the camshaft sprocket.

Because of the oversized Torrington roller bearing being used on the Rollmaster CS3071 camshaft timing sprocket, stock Ford camshaft retainer plates and mounting hardware cannot be used. This cast steel retainer plate has the proper modifications and special hardware to allow for a trouble free installation of these racing timing sets with rollerized top sprockets.

Blanchard ground top and bottom to maintain flatness and exact clearances for correct camshaft endplay.

Can also be used on any standard cast iron or billet steel cam sprockets with a brass thrust bearing such as the Rollmaster CS3040 and CS3060 timing sets. Features two small oil feed holes for spray lubrication of the thrust surfaces and chain links.


Loctite is highly recommended for fastener retention.