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FTI Custom Solid Roller Camshaft Ford - Billet

FlowTech Induction

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FTI Custom Solid Roller Camshaft - (SB Ford Windsor)

All our custom designed solid roller camshaft profiles for the small block Ford engine are developed per each customer's specific application. No repackaged catalog camshaft like our competition pushes on their customers. Every facet of your build is taken into consideration before finalizing the profile. These billet steel cores are best when used in severe duty combinations with high rate valve springs and/or high RPM powerplants. Profiles developed for extreme duty street, drag racing, open track, endurance or off road applications are available. The race style camshaft grinds which are to be used in dual purpose combinations will not work with factory computers without modifications and professional tuning.

Completion of the FTI CAM TECH form required.

All custom designed solid roller camshafts are ground on billet steel cores and require a coated steel, bronze or composite distributor gear. Modifications to the front lifter gallery plug highly recommended to spray oil onto the distributor gears. This modification helps prevent premature wear on these gears.

On dual purpose street/track applications, solid lifters with forced fed oiling to the roller bearings required.

Complete camshaft kits, matching valve spring packages, push rods and rocker arms are available.

  • Duration @ .006" Tappet Lift Range: 256° through 356°+
  • Duration @ .050" Tappet Lift Range: 218° through 300°+
  • Gross Valve Lift Range: .500"/.900"+
  • Lobe Separation Range: 104° through 120°
  • RPM Range: From off idle to whatever your heads can handle
  • All profiles are 302 HO/351W firing order (1-3-7-2-6-5-4-8)