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Morel Pro Series Solid Roller Link Bar Lifters - SBF


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Morel Pro-Series Solid Roller Link-Bar Lifters - (SB Ford)

Developed for professional engine builders and extreme duty street machines, these Morel solid roller Ford lifters have needle bearings in the roller wheel. This feature allows for much greater load capacity. Pressurized oil circuits lubricates rollers, axles & bearings. All components are precision machined from specific steel alloys with superior finish on all bodies. Never again have catastrophic lifter failure from needle bearing failure which contaminate your entire engine.

  • Drop in roller lifters - no modifications to block required
  • Captured link bar system ensures precise lifter movement without binding
  • Fully machined from 8620 tool steel bodies with the OD held to +/- .0003”
  • Outstanding performance and reliability with no break-in concerns
  • Bodies, axles and roller wheels are centerless ground
  • Morel's typical high quality machining and components
  • 100% Made in America