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Romac Big Block Buick Balancer - Gold Series


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ROMAC Big Block Buick Harmonic Balancer (Steel/Aluminum)

All Romac Harmonic Balancers are SFI 18.1 spec approved. All dampers are 360 degreed and fully encapsulated outer rings via a shoulder at the rear and a serviceable circlip mounted at the front of the outer ring. All Romac balancers are individually consecutively marked, fully serviceable and need no special bonding with the elastomer.

Gold Performance Series: Steel inner hub with alloy outer ring, for very high performance street, marine or race engines requiring the added insurance of a steel inner hub for strength where dry sump pumps etc. may be installed. Romac recommend this style of damper over all other balancers we produce due to its flexibility and endurance characteristics. Weight savings of approximately 1/3 less can be achieved with this style of balancer over our steel units and factory units. RPM range 10,000.