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Romac SB Ford Balancer - Blower Series - neutral


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ROMAC Small Block Ford HO Harmonic Balancer (Steel-Aluminum)

All Romac Harmonic Balancers are SFI 18.1 spec approved. All dampers are 360 degreed and fully encapsulated outer rings via a shoulder at the rear and a serviceable circlip mounted at the front of the outer ring. All Romac Balancers are individually consecutively marked, fully serviceable and need no special bonding with the elastomer. Balancers can be ordered with undersize bores to suit Scat and Eagle crank snouts; simply indicate this by adding the undersize to the P/N when ordering. To be sure of the bore size you need you should measure this prior to purchasing. A list is provided in our catalogue for standard factory bore diameters. These blower balancers have one 3/16" and one opposing 1/4" keyway.

Blower Series: Features a 4340 grade steel inner hub with alloy outer ring for street, strip or marine applications with dual keyways. Standard 3/16” and 1⁄4” 180 degrees opposite. Larger seal area with special seal included in the package. Available in external or neutral balance configurations. Weight saving applicable to our steel/alloy units. Front inner hub face can be standard factory layout or Chrysler 6 Bolt pattern with a 2” inch register for standard blower pulleys. Our standard front face layout is 6 Bolt pattern with 2” register unless otherwise told. RPM range 10,000.